iPhone App: Security System Monitoring

At Iwatch Security, we understand that your Raleigh security system can do much more than just deter the bad guys out there from breaking in. With the correct parts, you can monitor activity set by triggers on your monitoring devices. You can see the kids coming in from school, keep an eye on the babysitter or just see what the dogs are doing when your away. In the rare event of a break-in you will also be able to catch the criminal in the act and aid police in identifying him. In fact, video cameras have been proven to dissuade criminals, making them a powerful addition to your security system in Raleigh. At Iwatch we provide many video options that are affordable, and based on your needs.

Video Monitoring solutions from your security company in Raleigh

Iwatch Security offers a variety of solutions for video monitoring of your security system, including:

  • Smartphone Viewing: Use your smartphone to view your property, even while away.
  • HD Quality: High-quality and fantastic low-light performance mean that you’ll always be able to see what’s happening around your house.
  • Remote Camera Movement: Use your smartphone, tablet, or PC to see different views of your monitored location.
  • Simultaneous Multi-Location Viewing: view multiple locations or multiple cameras on the same screen at the same time.
  • Vigilance: Always be able to see what’s going on around and inside your Raleigh property, day or night, on a single screen.
  • Raleigh Security System Integration: Integrate your video cameras with your Raleigh security system for muti-angle, 24/7 protection of the things that matter to you.

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