Our commercial security systems are serviced by local employees and we provide 24-hour monitoring with a central station that provides beyond the standards of Underwriters Laboratory (UL) or Factory Mutual (FM).

As a business owner, you need to know that your investment is protected. You need a security company that can design and install a system that works with you to address a multitude of concerns that face you daily. This commercial security system must prepare you to protect against intrusion and theft, guarantee employee safety, prevent employee theft, and protect against lawsuits. With all of these competing requirements for a commercial security system, you need a Raleigh security company that you can trust. Iwatch Security is that company.

Personalized Customer Service
Our commercial security solutions in Raleigh can be customized to meet your budget and needs, and we will conduct an in-person consultation to determine the ideal security system for you. Afterward, our skilled staff will create an in-depth commercial or business package that will detect any unwelcome attempts to access your location. Our experienced employees are put through training and testing to ensure they’re knowledgable when it comes to commercial small and large-scale security installation projects. One of our main goals is to ensure you’re comfortable with your system and understand the benefits of each option!

Cutting-Edge Technology
By using our smash and crash panel protection technology, protecting your employees, property, and assets has never been so painless! Don’t find out that your security company left your home vulnerable to somebody simply disabling your system before it had a chance to notify the authorities. To stop the bad guys and keep you safe, we offer technology that protects the security system that is protecting your home. Instead of paying for big name marketing budgets, get a system that is a step ahead of the bad guys. If you feel as though your commercial security system may be out-of-date, check out our blog highlighting when upgrade your commercial security system.

Commercial Security Cameras
When it comes to commercial security cameras, they have different requirements compared to security cameras for home use.  The trained team at Iwatch Security have years of experience working with households as well as installing commercial security cameras to local businesses in the Raleigh area.  Commercial businesses need security cameras to help protect their business from theft as well as to protect them from any potentially harmful legal situations.  If you business doesn’t have professionally installed security cameras to your leaving yourself vulnerable to potential danger.  Reach out to Iwatch Security to learn more about business security cameras as well as how they can help your business.

Security Cameras For Business
Businesses throughout a variety of different industries desperately need security cameras to protect them from a variety of different issues.  The trained professionals at Iwatch Security will help evaluate the layout of your business and the best action plan for providing your business with security cameras.  Our team will develop a plan for the best kind of security cameras for your business as well as what location within your business is the best spot for security cameras.

Transparent Communication
There’s no reason to pay a surcharge for a security company’s advertising budget when you can have an Iwatch commercial security system professional meet with you at your location and provide a hassle-free quote. Unlike most large commercial security companies in Raleigh, Iwatch will also be entirely upfront with you throughout the process.

While many commercial security companies engage in such shady practices as automatically renewing contracts, putting fine print in the agreement that will allow companies to increase the monitoring rate every year, and even retaining ownership of the equipment through other fine print, Iwatch Security will be transparent and honest to enable you to make the best decision. Sure everybody will tell you they have the best monitoring, or they have the big powerful brand name but we explain what security clients typically complain about so that you can avoid their mistakes.

Commercial Security FAQ’s
There is a lot to consider when discussing the security of your business.  What places need the most protection and surveillance?  What measures should you take to ensure optimal coverage?  What is the best commercial security cameras for my business?  With years of experience in commercial security, we can guide you through this process.  Visit our commercial security FAQs page to learn more.

To learn more about our commercial or home security systems or to schedule a consultation with one of our certified experts, call us at 919-957-9818.