How Can I Secure My Home?

Home Security Systems

There are many precautions you should take to prevent burglary and home invasion. Some first steps you should take include include the following:

  • Lock all doors
  • Lock all windows
  • Store valuables in a safe or lock box
  • Lock gates and garages
  • Don’t leave spare keys outside
  • Keep the outside of your home well lit
  • Install an alarm and home security system

How to Choose a Security Camera System for Your Home

There are a number of steps you should take when considering installing a home security system. First, you should do perform your own analysis of your home. Determine how many points of entry there are, how many large windows are present and where you want to be able to control your system from.

Next, you’ll need to decide whether you would like a system you can install yourself or if you would prefer professional installation. You will also want to consider pricing and contracts related to your purchase. The company’s reputation and customer service also play an important role in this decision. You should choose a company with positive feedback from customers to ensure you receive a good experience.

Can a Renter Get a Home Security System?

Renters can also install home security systems, but there may be stipulations depending on the contract with their landlord. The easiest route for a renter is to install a wireless system, as this will be less invasive and avoid drilling.

How Much Do Home Security Systems Cost?

The price of a home security system can depend on a number of factors including the provider, the services needed and whether or not a contract is involved. Including a contract in your plan will eliminate the need to pay up front for the hardware itself. Otherwise, monthly fees will typically range between 30 and 40 dollars per month.

Where to Place Home Security Cameras

Your surveillance should cover as much of your home as possible. However, there a couple of places you should be sure to monitor first. These include front and back entrances, street-facing windows, driveways and locations of lock boxes, safes and other valuables.

How Much Does a Home Security System Save on Insurance

When considering the price of a home security system, it is important to factor in the savings it can bring on your homeowner’s insurance. A home security system can typically earn you a discount of up to 10% of your homeowner’s insurance costs per year.

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