At Iwatch Security we offer multiple types of hardwired and wireless systems to best fit your security needs.

Our partially veteran-staffed management team has over 25 years of experience installing, monitoring, and repairing alarm and security systems in Raleigh and we believe that our thousands of satisfied clients speak for themselves.

Our Raleigh Security System and Alarm System Solutions

At Iwatch Security, our experience has given us the ability to determine the type of security system that is best for protecting your home and loved ones.

In addition to our top-quality security systems in Raleigh, we offer monitoring and we are a Silver Premier Partner with

What Sets Iwatch Apart From the Competition?

Iwatch is one of the highest-rated security and alarm system companies in North Carolina. Part of our high customer satisfaction rating comes from our complimentary, in-person consultation. During your consultation, we discuss your home, your security needs, and give you the chance to ask questions so you feel confident your new security system is perfect for your home. We don’t sell one-size-fits-all systems and we never push something you don’t need.

Our contracts are straightforward and clear, so you never have to worry about the fine print. And when your contract is up, we do not retain any equipment.


Features of Iwatch Security Systems

  • A dedicated connection, meaning that your system will still be operational if you lose power, your phone lines are cut, or if you lose internet connection
  • Customizable email access and image and text alerts
  • 2-way emergency voice communication for personal access to a professional first responder (think Onstar for your home)
  • Intimate remote control features for control of door locks, lights, arming, disarming, and more
  • High-quality and weather-resistant camera systems
  • Easy-to-use remote video viewing for 24/7 documentation
  • Cellular monitoring and wireless two-way voice communication
  • Mobile app available for Apple, Android, and Windows 7 devices
  • Full-time video monitoring available
  • Wi-fi doorbell cameras with a 180 degree field of vision and on-demand live monitoring available

Crash and Smash Home Security Protection

“Crash and Smash” refers to an intruder crashing through the front door or a window and then smashing your home security system panel to avoid an emergency signal being sent. Since most security systems have built-in delays to ensure customers have adequate time to disarm their systems upon entering their property before an alarm is tripped and an alarm signal is sent, this makes crash and smash easy for intruders.

We protect against crash and smash by using detection technology so you can rest assured that if a crash and smash attack were to happen, the central station will still be notified immediately. Our crash and smash detection technology also prevents “dialer delay”: the extended delay between the time the alarm system is triggered and the time an emergency signal is sent. This time window is meant to allow you time to dial in your security code but in the event of a break in, it gives intruders time to grab valuables and get out before emergency services have been notified.

Smart Signal Emergency Protection

With Smart Signal, you can respond to alarms right from your smartphone or tablet wherever you are. Named 2019 Security Product of the Year by the Consumer Technology Association, Smart Signal makes taking control of your home’s security system easier than ever. Learn more about how Smart Signal helps prevent false alarms and keeps your home safe below.

To learn more about our commercial or home security systems or to schedule a consultation with one of our certified experts, call us at 919-957-9818.