Wireless Security Systems Raleigh NC

As the years wear on, fewer and fewer of our Raleigh security system clients have home phones. Newer, younger homeowners usually didn’t have them to begin with, and even some of our older customers have stopped paying for them as superfluous when compared to a cell phone. One of the problems people often have with this is that they believe that their security system in Raleigh won’t function without a land line. They worry that cutting their phone line means that they no longer have a connected security system. Many of our new clients do not have a home phone, and you do not have to worry about phone lines being cut. We also have many new clients that save hundreds of dollars a year dropping the home phone and switching to an Iwatch Security system.

Advantages of our Wireless Security Systems in Raleigh

Wireless security systems have many advantages over their wired brethren, including:

  • Ease of Installation: Wireless security systems do not require drilling through walls or other labor, meaning they are simpler and cheaper to install
  • Adaptability: Due to the ease of installation, wireless systems can be expanded or relocated within the house as necessary, allowing easier future growth.
  • Security: Wireless systems cannot have their cable cut in the same way as wired system. In addition, our systems can be battery-powered if necessary, meaning that a power outage doesn’t disable your security system.
  • Transferability: Because wireless security systems don’t require extensive installation and drilling, moving them to a new house or a new apartment is much easier and cheaper.
  • Integration: Wireless systems are much easier integrate with other systems such as video monitoring or our best-in-class alarm systems

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