Burglars have many tactics for entering homes, and not all of them are stealthy. In fact, many of them take advantage of weaknesses in certain Raleigh security systems to deny your system even the chance to send off a signal. Don’t find out that your security company left your home vulnerable to somebody simply disabling your system before it had a chance to notify the authorities.

What is Crash and Smash?

Many consumers are misinformed that the monitoring station will be aware that something is wrong with the security system. The reality is that a security system has to send a signal to notify a monitoring station and create a response. In order to give the homeowner time to disable the system, there is usually a 30 to 60-second delay between a system arming and it sending an alert to the monitoring station. For many simpler security systems in Raleigh, if a burglar destroys or disconnects the system before this timer is up, it will not send a notification. The system is the pitcher and the monitoring facility is the catcher, so if a bad guy takes out the pitcher before he can throw, what happens? In most cases with most basic security systems in Raleigh, nothing happens.

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Let your Raleigh Security Company protect you!

Iwatch Security understands the risks posed by burglars who understand this weakness inherent to many security systems in the Raleigh area. To stop the bad guys and keep you safe, we offer technology that protects the security system that is protecting your home. Instead of paying for big name marketing budgets, get a system that is a step ahead of the bad guys.

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