Alarm Systems in Clayton, NC

At Iwatch Security, we understand just how much of a difference it can make when you know that you have a reliable alarm system protecting your property and the people you love. As such, we believe that we have a responsibility to deliver the absolute best Clayton Alarm Systems to our customers.
Clayton Alarm Systems
Instead of offering the same over-simplified alarm package to everyone, we offer customized alarm systems in Clayton that are designed to work within your needs, budget, and desires. Step one of this process is always doing an in-person consultation so we have an understanding of exactly how to design your system package.

Alarm System Solutions in Clayton

As a town, Clayton has historically seen ups and downs, but is now on the way back up due to the growth of the Triangle area. Responding to this growth, many new alarm companies came to the Clayton area, and many of them offered each customer the same package security system. As a local business with decades of history in the area, Iwatch does not believe in providing our customers with these types of solutions. Instead, one of our Clayton alarm system experts will come out to your house and recommend the services your property needs, which often include:

  • No long-term contracts
  • Professional in-home consultation
  • Two-way voice monitoring
  • Cellular Monitoring
  • Cost-effective alarm system monitoring

Since Iwatch Security’s headquarters is in the Triangle, we are usually able to rapidly respond to any customer complaints or concerns in the Clayton area, meaning that our clients do not have to go for long with substandard or broken alarm systems in Clayton. We understand how vulnerable our customers feel when their alarm systems do not work, and therefore we pride quick response times and friendly customer service. We take pride in the safety and security our alarm systems bring to our friends and neighbors, and we believe that that sets us apart from the competition.

To learn more about our commercial or home security systems or to schedule a consultation with one of our certified experts, call us at 919-957-9818.