Raleigh Alarm Systems

If a security system is the equivalent of walls around a castle, then a Raleigh alarm system is like the guards manning the walls. From first-hand experience, we at Iwatch Security understand how much easier it is to sleep soundly knowing that there are systems in place to protect your loved ones. When you have an alarm system in Raleigh installed by Iwatch Security, you know that you’ve got the best system you can get installed by local people who care about your well-being.
Alarm Systems in Raleigh
Instead of impersonal box packages, Iwatch Security offers Raleigh alarm systems that are custom-designed to meet the unique challenges of your budget, home, and desires. To best accomplish this goal, we always offer in-person Raleigh alarm system consultations to familiarize ourselves with you and your property.

Alarm System Solutions in Raleigh

As Raleigh has grown, so too has its market for home alarm systems. This growth has encouraged many alarm system companies in Raleigh to start pushing over-simplified solutions to their customers instead of working to address each customer’s concerns. As a local business, we do not believe that this best serves the Raleigh area. Instead, one of our home alarm system experts will come out to your house and recommend the services your property needs, which often include:

  • Two-way voice monitoring
  • No long-term contracts
  • Cellular Monitoring
  • Cost-effective alarm system monitoring
  • Professional in-home consultation

Since Iwatch Security’s headquarters is in Raleigh, we are usually able to rapidly respond to any customer complaints or concerns in the Raleigh area. We believe in good and quick customer service, as we understand how exposed our Raleigh alarm system customers feel when something is malfunctioning. We take pride in the safety and security our alarm systems bring to our friends and neighbors, and we believe that that sets us apart from the competition.

To learn more about our commercial or home security systems or to schedule a consultation with one of our certified experts, call us at 919-957-9818.