Do I need monthly monitoring for a commercial security camera system?
No. We have camera systems with digital video recorder’s(DVR) or network video recorders (NVR) that do not require any monthly payments.

Can I have my access control, smart security, and cameras on the same platform?
Yes. is a great technology platform to bring together all the different ways to protect your staff and facility.

Do you require a contract for security monitoring?
No. We provide options for business owners and generally we are making some type of investment if there is a contract.

Do you offer maintenance contracts?
Yes. Many companies will make money from poor installation or inferior product after it’s installed, we are willing to bet on ourselves and provide a monthly payment that covers equipment and labor issues.

Where should security cameras be placed?
In an ideal world, you would be able to maintain surveillance over you entire business. However, there are key areas on the premises that need to be prioritized, such as the safes, registers, main entrances, secondary entrances/exits, and restricted areas.

How high should a security camera be mounted?
There is a practical answer to this question. It is recommended to install commercial security cameras between 8 and 9 feet off the ground. This provides plenty of distance between a potential intruder and the device, in order to prevent tampering or damage to the hardware.

Do security cameras work without power?
In most cases, security cameras and devices will not work during a power outage. However, some surveillance equipment comes with an internal battery. This typically comes at a higher cost, but it will result in continued security, even during a blackout.

Do all security cameras require WiFi?
Whether or not your commercial security system requires Wifi depends on both your budget and your needs. Using a digital video recorder (DVR) allows surveillance footage to be stored on a local area network, independent of a wifi connection. Alternatively, you could have your footage stored at an off-site location, requiring a Wifi or 3G/4G connection to a wireless network.

How much does a commercial security system cost?
Most companies offer different pricing models for commercial security services depending on the client’s needs. However, your average small business will pay between $300 and $500 per year to lease equipment, depending on the size of their business and on the number of devices needed for surveillance.

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