Do you have an obsolete and out-of-date commercial security system? Has anything changed at the company since the commercial security system was initially installed? In today’s world, it is very common for people, both young and old, to have the latest gadgets. Generally, businesses upgrade their company cell phones, vehicles, and office furniture every few years. What those business owners and managers may be missing is the fact that the longer their security systems are out-of-date, the more susceptible their office and employees are at risk of break-ins and criminal activity that will only set them back.

Is Your Commercial Security System Contract Upfront?

Commercial Security System Company RaleighOften times, business owners and managers are in a rush. When this is the case, the likelihood that they’re convinced to sign a contract with a dishonest security company is drastically increased. When this happens, commercial home security customers, regardless of their level of expertise, are often upsold without even realizing it, paying more and more each month, which is like driving a used Kia when they’re paying for a brand new Lexus. Rather than deal with dishonest, not-so-transparent national or local security companies, contact Iwatch to learn how we’re able to deliver upfront and robust value to your hard-earned business.

Is Your Business Properly Monitored?

If your current commercial security system operates by using old-fashioned cameras that send the recordings to an outside company for review, chances are you’re vulnerable to intruders. Outside companies claim to review and notify you or any suspicious activity that may be occurring, but many have claimed otherwise. Iwatch Security offers several cutting-edge technologies such as Mobile App Stay that ensures you are in control at all times. By utilizing the mobile stay app, we do the monitoring for you. This means we have the ability to monitor your business and report any suspicious activity that may be going on as soon as we notice it, as opposed to an outside company filing a claim when they review the footage hours or even days later.

Along with that, Iwatch Security provides cutting-edge security system remote video viewing, in case you’d like to be the one monitoring your beloved business. As a locally-owned and locally-based, we are able to offer more options than larger security companies, and we inspect your business first to identify which security system solutions would work best.

Has Your Business’ Employee Headcount Recently Increased?

If your staffing levels have recently increased, it may be time to consult with a commercial security expert to ensure your business and employees remain as safe as possible, further future-proofing your business. Contrary to popular belief, a large percentage of retail theft is committed by former and current employees. Let’s take a technology-based company for example. Technology companies often have numerous computers, cameras, office phones, and other expensive pieces of equipment. That said, it is likely that all of that equipment is jeopardized, as it is not closely accounted for. By exploring commercial security installation options, you’re likely able to mitigate the risk of having your business’s property stolen or misused. Along with interior security upgrades, considering a facility access control system may also be beneficial from a safety standpoint.

How High Is Employee Turnover?

Commercial Security System CompanyDepending on the industry, high employee turnover can occur. In this day and age, many technology and service-based businesses hire their employees on a contract basis. Those contracts often range from 3 months to 12 months, depending on the specific circumstances. Trust is important in the workplace, and a handful of months is likely not enough time to establish ideal amounts of trust between employee and business managers or owners. Even if extensive employee background checks are performed, dishonesty may still occur. New employees being brought on and current employees departing the company or organization should not be stressful and painful, it should be exciting and memorable.

Material business property can likely be at risk as well as cyber property, such as sensitive, confidential, and delicate company data. Employee salary, pay raises, vacation time, as well as client-related business analytics are all prime examples of sensitive pieces of information that simply cannot be compromised by a disgruntled employee. Each of these examples could quickly warrant a company rebrand or a crisis communication campaign.

Is There Foot Traffic?

If there is a growing number of strangers passing through the premise of your business, commercial security is definitely worth looking into. Being vulnerable to increased security threats can quickly become a distraction, resulting in a loss of new or current business. Why backtrack the growth of your business by failing to look into safety precautions? There is an extremely slim chance that you will be able to distinguish who has attempted to steal from or harm your business if an instance were to occur, and commercial security will put that worry to rest for good.

Something to Consider

Raleigh Commercial Security System InstallationIn order to avoid evolving security threats and risks, it is imperative to maintain an up-to-date physical commercial security system. Iwatch’s team has intimate experience when it comes to commercial security installation and maintenance. We offer numerous service packages and free consultations to tailor a security plan that is the best fit for your business. If any of the aforementioned conditions have changed within your business, your employees and business efficiency could very well be at risk. Protecting your business assets, data, and employees are all crucial, and Iwatch Security will ensure optimal safety is carried out for years to come.

As the highest-rated security and alarm system company in Raleigh and surrounding areas, Iwatch has added immense value to dozens of customers in dozens of different industries. No time is wasted when we offer our complimentary, in-person consultation which our past and current customers have really appreciated. One of our main goals is to ensure all facets of security are touched on during the initial consultation, ensuring any prospective customers’ questions are answered by well-versed industry experts. Along with that, be sure to ask us about our various levels of monitoring to establish which option may be best for you.

By utilizing a transparent and straightforward contract, we can promise you there will be no inconvenient and troublesome contracts to deal with or opt out of. We do not retain any equipment used after the contract is signed and up, unlike several of our competitors.

To learn more about our commercial or home security systems or to schedule a consultation with one of our certified experts, call us at 919-957-9818.