As Spring arrives, we want the residence of The Triangle to take the time now to start your home security plan. Assess your home with security in mind. Here are some easy DIY tips from Iwatch Security.

Take out that camera or smart phone while spring cleaning. Snap some pictures of valuable items and make sure you get the make, model and serial number of each item. This information will be valuable when filing police reports, insurance claims and will be helpful when attempting to track or trace your stolen items.

We use lockes everyday, however don’t forget about locking up your gates and sheds. Sheds with tools and ladders can be very attractive to criminals so a combination lock adds security and convenience.

Are your house numbers easy to see at night or during the day? In the case of an emergency, Police, Fire or EMS need to easily find your home. Reflective house numbers are a great option but anything would be better than not having numbers at all.

Remember the first rule of a criminal: Don’t get caught. If you increase the chances of the burglar getting caught, you will naturally decrease the chances of your home being a target. With these tips, having signs, decals and a 24 hour monitored security system your home will not be an easy target.

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