As Spring arrives, we want the residence of The Triangle to take the time now to start your home security plan. Assess your home with security in mind. Here are some easy DIY tips from Iwatch Security.

Spring is the time to beautify your property and landscape. Create a deterrent for criminals by planting prickly evergreens beneath your first-floor windows. If you already have some hedges, prune them before the growing season. Trim back existing bushes and trees to keep them from blocking windows and providing a hiding place for criminals. Trees can be used to climb over fences or into windows so be sure to maintain trees that would help a criminal.

Long grass, weeds and general overgrowth are often the first signs you are away from home. Whether you’re on vacation or just gone for the weekend make sure your lawn isn’t out of control with newspapers piling up. Have a trusted neighbor hold your mail and deliveries.

Use your lights:
If you’re apprehensive about keeping lights on all night long, save some energy by replacing your outdoor lights with compact florescent bulbs or LED light bulbs. Update lighting with efficient bulbs and motion detecting lights so you can save on energy without sacrificing on security. We offer remote access and programmable light solutions for greater efficiency and convenience.

Remember the first rule of a criminal: Don’t get caught. If you increase the chances of the burglar getting caught, you will naturally decrease the chances of your home being a target. With these tips, having signs, decals and a 24 hour monitored security system your home will not be an easy target.

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