raleigh business security system

Your business is your livelihood, and you’ve invested a great deal of time and money into making it a success. Now, you want to protect your business with a commercial security system.

However, with the variety of security systems on the market, how do you know what option is right for you, especially if you’re on a budget? To help you make the right decision, our Raleigh security company is sharing tips on how to find the right security system for your business. 

Why Your Business Needs a Security System

If you’re on the fence about choosing a commercial security system, you may be thinking that you can’t afford a security system or that it’s not likely your business will get robbed. However, you may want to consider these statistics before you decide: 

  • Almost 9 percent of small businesses are victims of theft or burglary in a given year. 
  • The average out of pocket cost to recover from a burglary or theft is around $8,000. 
  • Businesses are four times more likely to be targeted for a burglary than a home.
  • Less than 20 percent of burglaries result in an arrest. 
  • Shoplifting and theft from a motor vehicle account for almost half of all theft. 

Having a security system with cameras can not only protect your business and save you from a financial disaster, they also help keep your employees and customers safe by acting as a deterrent to thieves, shoplifters, and burglars.

Even if you are never robbed, security cameras provide you with several benefits. First, an affordable security system can often offset your insurance costs as you’ll most likely receive a discount on your premiums. They can also protect you against a liability claim in the event someone falls or blames you for something that happens on your property. 

Features to Consider When Looking for a Business Security System

When you’re looking for a security system for your business, there are certain features that are ideal for small business.  After all, small businesses have more specific needs for their business than a bank or a large facility. For your Raleigh business security system, you’ll want to consider: 


While this isn’t a feature, it’s still going to play a role in your decision. Most small businesses don’t have large amount of money to spend so consider options that allow you to lease or create a more custom plan to fit your budget.

Surveillance Features

Not only do you want security cameras for recording, but you may want 24-7 live monitoring ensures that if something does happen, emergency services will be contacted immediately. Additionally, if you are in a higher crime area or have a business that is at a greater risk for robbery, having a security panel that allows you to communicate directly with first responders means you can get the help you need fast. 

Wireless Connectivity

If you have ever woken up in a panic because you couldn’t remember if you set an alarm, turned off the lights, or locked the doors, having a business security system that allows remote functionality may be right for you. This way you can arm your alarms, turn out lights, and lock your doors all from an app. 

Remote Accessibility

In addition to being able to use your security system while you’re away, you should also have the ability to see what’s happening. Look for a system that lets you see what your cameras are seeing at any time – this is ideal for when you have concerns about shoplifting or employee activity.

 Security Contracts

Most security companies require lengthy, expensive contracts with auto-renewals and surprise fees. Always consider the fine print of any contract and look for transparent pricing and contract structure so you’re not locked in or are hit with high price increases. Before purchasing or leasing, make sure you know what to ask a security company

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