Many people call us and like the fact that we have a no term commitment option. We have installed security systems in Durham, Cary and all over North Carolina that have 5 year agreements and some that are month to month and have no term obligation. The difference is that a not term option will require some initial investment. When you have a company like CPI or ADT do a security system installation, that requires a 5 year commitment to monitor at $49.99 your looking at about a $3000 expenditure for the “free” security system and installation. Also the monitoring rate would be higher typically if you are working in the cost of the system spread out over time. Recently we had a client in Knightdale that wanted Thermostat control, garage door control and cameras on the security system. We were able to do it and save them hundreds a year on monitoring but they had installation and equipment costs. Long term you will save money and they had the peace not having to sign a security company contract.

You can have the security system installation and home automation that you want without the fear of a contract with Iwatch Security. We are confident that our clients will be happy with the system and the service, and that is why we offer a no contract option. Also make sure to ask about lifetime warranty when considering this option.

One of the last security system installations that we did was in Garner and they felt comfortable signing a 5 year commitment to keep the initial investment lower. They had security cameras installed along with the new doorbell camera that integrates with the security system app. Much of the expense was rolled into a term agreement, and they also have no concerns about moving anytime soon as well.

We also performed a security system installation in Cary for a client who was renting recently. She did not want to install something herself, and she wanted professional security installation and expertise. Many of the larger companies like CPI and ADT will require a contract even if you are renting and may only be there a year or two. If they even offer you the option of installation. When we did the security system installation, it was designed to take with her when she moved, and minimize damage to the property when leaving. One example is that we base mounted the touch screen keypad and control panel.

To learn more about our commercial or home security systems or to schedule a consultation with one of our certified experts, call us at 919-957-9818.